by aaron patton

A New Project


Well, I’m doing something that’s either crazy, stupid, or both. Portrait sessions with no session fees.

Availability is SUPER limited and there are some strings attached, but I’m trying to get a lot of faces in front of my camera while I work on the follow-up to my original PORTRAIT book (as well as some other yet-to-be-known series. Serieses? Serie…s. Zz).

Upcoming availability:

Full until September. At least.

I don't update this as often as I should.

Some fine print

The strings.

The “strings” are pretty simple: 1) You have to sign a model release. The purpose of this project is display. 2) You can buy prints, products, and digitals from your shoot, but are not required to. And most importantly, 3) I’m going to make these portraits on my own terms.

Fair enough? Let’s go.

I'm feeling...


let's get weird


rock what you got


tell your story


You, but make it fashion

Magazine-style portraits.

My portraits have been everywhere from city buses to Times Square.

And everywhere in between: magazine covers nationwide, an Australian tabloid, TLC’s “Unexpected” season 4 promos, billboards all over the city, a dentist’s socks, those annoying little subscription cards that fall out of magazines…it’s been a wild ride. I have the coolest job and am living a dream I never knew I had.

As I work with bigger and bigger brands, though, I often get less and less creative input. This project is to try and  bring that magazine style to you in a way that gives me that creativity back. 

If you hate them, that’s ok with me; sometimes experiments fail. If you love them, you can buy a giant print. I just want to make something new and different, and I’m excited if you want to be part of it.

Some clients & publications:

Let's do this.

Enter your info and use the sliders to describe the kind of shoot you’d be interested in (and give it some thought…this is how your shoot gets built).

PS – I’m only taking 3-4 shoots per month, so hang in there if I’m booked up.

I'm prepared to bring 0% weirdness.
I 0% want to stop traffic with these photos.
This shoot is 0% about telling my story.
Let's make it 0% pure style.