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What I'm working on

This site is for my personal projects – if you’re looking for my commercial/editorial work, go to https://aaronpatton.net

See below for what I’m currently shooting and where you fit into my master plan.

Friends and Other Strangers

Most of what I do as a commercial and portrait photographer is try to make people comfortable and have a good time. This series answers the question, “What if I didn’t?” I take willing participants and subject them to a healthy dose of awkwardness, uncomfortable silence, strange prompts, and find little ways to push their buttons. They’re each put into the same white box and I photograph them filling that space while they wrestle with very real feelings of discomfort

This is one of my more ambitions projects in terms of scale; I’d like to get at least 300 people in for the series. If you’d like to be a part, use the “Commissions” form below, ignore the sliders, and mention “Friends and Other Strangers” in the text area.


If you’re looking to book a personal portrait session, I take up to two commissions per month. Use the form at the bottom of the page to tell me what you’re looking for in a portrait series, and I’ll send you the pertinent information.

Magazine-style portraits.

My portraits have been everywhere from city buses to Times Square.

And everywhere in between: magazine covers nationwide, an Australian tabloid, TLC’s “Unexpected” season 4 promos, billboards all over the city, a dentist’s socks, those annoying little subscription cards that fall out of magazines…it’s been a wild ride. I have the coolest job and am living a dream I never knew I had.

Some clients & publications:


Enter your info and use the sliders to describe the kind of shoot you’d be interested in (and give it some thought…this is how your shoot gets built).

I take up to 2 commissions per month, so hang in there if I’m booked up.

I'm prepared to bring 0% weirdness.
I 0% want to stop traffic with these photos.
This shoot is 0% about telling my story.
Let's make it 0% pure style.