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asked and answered

Sure – you don’t even have to share some post on Instagram or tag five friends or any of that bullshit.

I make my living as a commercial photographer; this is just a way for me to do more personal work while providing people with a way to get some great photos for themselves as well. The photos (print and/or digital) aren’t free. Gotta buy those.

For as long as it’s fun. When I get too busy with client work, I’ll pull back on this a bit…when I have more time available, I’ll open up more.

One of the things I learned early on in my magazine career is to not ask the subject how they want to be photographed. Through no fault of their own, it’s always boring (they don’t do this for a living) and they want something pretty. Pretty isn’t always interesting…in fact, pretty by itself rarely is.

So, when I say these shoots are “on my terms”, I mean that I’m not going to ask you how you want your images to look. I’m going to treat your shoot like a magazine assignment and try for the most interesting shots possible.

That’s 100% fine by me. My favorite photos of people are often ones they don’t like of themselves. People get so hung up on this wrinkle or that hair that they miss all the fascinating parts of themselves. I like the mess that life brings with it.

If you’re wanting pristine photos of yourself, you’re welcome to hire me for that…I’m more than capable. But, it’s going to be on my commissioned rates, because that’s “work”, not “play”…and this project is all about play.

On a free shoot? No. I do work with amazing artists, though, and highly recommend you pay them to do what they do if that’s what you’re into.

Unless they’re signed with a modeling agency that I’ve worked with before, no. I’m only working with people over 18 so that everyone can sign their own contract and model release for the shoot.

Agency models (13+) wanting some new portfolio shots can book my model sessions here.

The main goal of this little project is to show it off, and I’m not here to do free photos that I can’t even use. BUT, I get that not everybody wants to do that for every shoot.

Simple compromise? Sessions without a model release have a $300 session fee and a $500 minimum product purchase.

The biggest risk with doing a no-session-fee thing is people booking it and not showing up. For now, I’m willing to take that risk.

Rescheduling happens (I allow one per shoot), cancellations happen – I get it. Life comes up. My session contract goes over all that.

No-shows are right out. No-showing a shoot will require a $600 session fee to book again ($300 for the missed one, $300 for the new one).

It’s something new I made up just for this, so I get where it could be unfamiliar.

Resist the urge to just slide everything to 100 and send it in – I love the enthusiasm, but you might end up wearing nothing but a clear raincoat on a sailboat in the middle of a a corn field. (Ok, bad example…that would be awesome and now I want to do that, but you get my point.)

If you’re having trouble, pretend like they all have to add up to 100 and decide where you want the focus of your images to be.