Tests & Portfolios

Test Shoots

Need to build your book or just want to get some experience in front of the camera? A test shoot is where it’s at. Open to models 13+


A test shoot is where we get to spend a couple of hours together making images that show off what we do best. I lean editorial with my model work, and will take cues from your agent on what’s best for your book.

Session fee: $300

  • 2 hour shoot
  • 3-5 outfits/looks
  • Includes download of all proofs in web-res for social media
  • Retouched, high-res images for your book are $30/ea

After your shoot, you’ll have your proof images within 5 business days. Review them with your agent to make decisions about what’s best for your book and make selections for retouching. If you don’t have an agent, I’d be happy to review them with you to make suggestions!

Mini Days

A quick way to update your portfolio with some new work. I try do to these every month or two.

Brush up.

For my mini days, I find a location or put together a set that takes a bit more work than I can do for a usual test shoot. It’s a perfect way to keep your book up to date and always have something new to show.

Session fee: varies. Typically $79-129

  • 15-30 minute time slots
  • Retouched images for your book are $30/ea
  • Download of all unretouched images available (rate varites)

Mini Days open up to M&I Models and previous Mini Day models first. Any remaining spots are open to anyone!

I recommend being 5 minutes early to your time slot. If you arrive camera ready, you’d be surprised how many images we can make together in these short sessions!

Mini Days are usually on Sundays, but might vary depending on location availability.

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